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The Ultimate Chocolate Chocolate Cake For The Chocoholic

Posted by on 26 November 2013

SleeplessInKL proudly, excitedly, and deliriously presents to you — The Ultimate Chocolate Chocolate Cake For The Chocoholic’!

The Ultimate Chocolate Chocolate Cake For The Chocoholic

As you can deduce from the photo, making this cake is as easy as counting from 1 to 5:

1. Buy/bake a cake, preferably chocolate so that it will go with the whole chocolatey theme — something like Moist Chocolate Cake or American Chocolate Cake (no sponge cakes, please).

2. Unwrap Kitkat chocolate wafers and arrange them around the cake. (I used 44 wafers, i.e. 22 pairs of Kitkat for a 1/2 kg cake.)

3. Tie the Kitkat wafers loosely with a ribbon, then adjust/straighten the Kitkat as you slowly tighten the ribbon and make a bow.

4. Open up two large packs of M&M’s and pour all the contents on top of the cake.

5. Serve the cake on top of a nice cake stand to complete the look.

I swear there's a chocolate cake in there somewhere...

For such a smashing yet easy-to-put-together cake, how I wish the idea were mine. But I’d have to give credit where credit is due — I got the idea from ’50 Easy Birthday Cake Ideas’ by the Six Sisters Stuff, pointed out to me by trusted-and-tried Sir Google. They call it the ‘Kitkat Cake’ but ‘The Ultimate Chocolate Chocolate Cake For The Chocoholic’ sounds much more exciting, n’est-ce pas?

It so happened that my OnlyGirl’s 14th birthday 11/11 fell on a (working) Monday right after a blur of a weekend that involved a term paper the previous Friday and two midterm exams on Saturday and Sunday and there was simply no way in the world I could have come up with a decently decorated cake that day, let alone bake one even from a boxed mix. So on my way home from the office, I dropped by a nearby bakery and picked out a 1/2 kg American Chocolate Cake, then bought two packets of Kitkats and two packets of M&M’s from a nearby supermarket. So yeah, I guess you can also dub this cake ‘The Working Mother’s Ingenious Solution To An Unforgettable Birthday Cake For A Chocoholic Teenager’.

How did the birthday girl like it? Like it?! Are you kidding? She LOVED it! Her seal of approval came in the form of a Facebook post with a photo of the epic chocolate-covered cake.

Now my only problem is: how can I possibly top a cake like this next year***??!

***P.S. Previous birthday cakes that I’ve done for my kids include a Castle Cake, Beach Cake, Ice Cream Cone Surprise, Spaghetti Cake and a Pizza Cake. I’m no professional and this shows in the lack of polish in my decorating efforts but as long as the kids can identify the concept and it’s funny and/or surprising, they love it all the same!

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