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On Corona Virus, Life, Death, and Everything Else In Between (Alternative Title: I’m Back!)

Posted by on 19 March 2020

It’s been a while, crocodile. Understatement of the year. So much has happened since the last time I updated this blog that I can’t possibly squeeze all of them into a single post. And along the way, blogging has, it seems, gone passé with the rise of social media and the instant gratification that they bring.

But then again, I started this blog some 14 years ago when I was taking care of twin boys, sleep-deprived, housebound, with no other venting outlet other than this virtual journal of sorts. This blog was my escape, a virtual space that I could call my own, a place where I could write anything I wanted. It’s quite ironic that I find myself pounding away on my keyboard yet again on the wee hours of the night, in dire need of sleep, housebound yet again (this time, due to the Novel Corona Virus), and with an explosion of thoughts fighting for space inside my head. I am right back where I started.

I’ve always found solace in the stillness of these hours, where my inner voice can find a way to emerge from amidst the cacophony of innumerable trains of thought, random ideas, and sudden bursts of memory. As the rest of the world sleeps, and with my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, I can finally hear myself think. And I realised with a start that, at the core of all this panic of the Corona Virus, people are actually simply afraid of the unknown — all the things that we don’t know about the virus: its origins; its exact method of transmission; its cure and prevention; and, the ultimate unknown of all, death itself.

But while it’s true that the Corona virus has caused thousands of deaths in such a short span of time, the truth of the matter is that death is inevitable and has been written for all of us long before we even existed within our mother’s wombs. Getting infected with this virus is, putting it in a rather blasé way, just another way to die. We will all die one way or another. What is most important is — how do we live this life that we have been given so that, by the time the Angel of Death makes himself apparent, we can go without fear nor regret?

Wherever you are, whoever you are, treasure the time that you have now with the people you love. Use this time to do the things you’ve always wanted to start but never had the time to do so. Start writing that book. Or learning to paint. Or taking that online course. Take the time to reconnect with old friends via phone call, email, or text. Make this virus an excuse to mend relationships that are in dire need of mending, by simply saying “Hope you and your family are well” or “You’re in my thoughts and prayers”, when perhaps, what you actually want to say is “I’m sorry” or “Can we start over again?”.

Life is good. And yes, blogging world, I am back!!!

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