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Inspiration From Isolation: David Castro’s Story

Posted by on 28 March 2020

Someone once said that fire can either burn dough into ashes or transform it into bread.

In pretty much the same way, people all around the world have responded very differently to lockdowns or self-quarantines in their homes due to the Corona virus. A good number found the experience of being house-bound indefinitely to be a suffocating experience, almost akin to imprisonment; many found relief in having found an opportunity to slow down and breathe; a select few just simply shone in their own unique ways.

David Castro, a singer/composer from Madrid, Spain, is one of those unique individuals who has found inspiration in isolation. As the caption in his FaceBook post stated, “Perdí la cuenta de los días que llevamos. Lo que no pienso perder es el sentido del humor. La mejor vacuna para estos días mientras llega la de verdad. (I’ve lost count of the number of days that have passed. The one thing that I’m not going to lose is my sense of humor. The best vaccine for these days until the real one arrives.”) In that post, he shared a video that showed how he cleverly transformed the iconic Thermomix chime from something that most people consider annoying into something so beautiful. Just take a look at his video:

His work is just brilliant in its simplicity, genius in its creativity, thus, it did not come as a surprise when the video was very well received by the global Thermomix community, racking up over 100,000 views in FaceBook over the first two days alone.

I, for one, will never hear the Thermomix chime quite the same way ever again. Muchas gracias, David Castro. Thank you for reminding all of us that, in these trying times, we must all be resilient and allow this fire to transform us into bread instead of burning us into ashes.

3 Responses to Inspiration From Isolation: David Castro’s Story

  1. Flo Patsy

    Hi Maya!

    How can I subscribe to your blog site? Or am I already subscribed once I send this?


  2. Mimi

    Hi Flo. Dugay na ko wala nag-blog. Gakapakapa pa karon. I-check naku unya ha. Salamat sa pag-agi nimo ;)

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