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My Favourite Asian Recipe Collections From Cookidoo

Posted by on 23 June 2023

Last night, OnlyGirl was asking me how long I’ve been using the Thermomix. I replied, “Five.”

Talk about time flying! I first got my TM5 in October 2018 as a customer; I joined as an Advisor soon after; then I got my TM6 about a year later in September 2019.

One of the most frequently asked question of all time that I get from people is: what’s the main difference between TM5 and TM6? To this, I would have a long list but on top of that list would have be the recipes. You see, TM6 can connect to the internet via WiFi, allowing it to sync effortlessly with Cookidoo, Thermomix’s library of guided cooking recipes. The library has been growing at an astounding rate. From an initial 40,000-something during its launch in 2019, as of this writing, there are now 89,238 recipes in multiple languages.

I’ve always felt that having so many recipes at your fingertips completes the entire Thermomix experience. You can search by recipe name or by ingredient name, then narrow down your search further using various filter options (by language, portion size, degree of difficulty, etc).

I find the vast selection of recipes to be both a blessing and a bane…because too many choices can be overwhelming.

Hence, I am sharing this list of my personal favourite Asian collections from Cookidoo, to help you (especially the new users!) navigate your way through Cookidoo:

Asian Sweet Treats with Sugar Stages

Chicken – quick & easy Asian favourites

Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr

Flavours of Japan

High Temp Asian Cooking

Istimewa Hari-Hari (Indonesian)

Japanese Cuisine

Kneading: Asian Recipes

Korean Cuisine

Let’s Celebrate Chinese New Year

Let’s Go Mamak

One-Pot Rice Meals

Peranakan Snack Delight

Spicy Asian

Taste of East Asia

Taste of Malaysia

As the Malays say, semoga bermanfaat (may this be of some benefit)!

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