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Author Archives: Mimi

My Favourite Asian Recipe Collections From Cookidoo

Last night, OnlyGirl was asking me how long I’ve been using the Thermomix. I replied, “Five.” Talk about time flying! I first got my TM5 in October 2018 as a customer; I joined as an Advisor soon after; then I got my TM6 about a year later in September 2019. One of the most frequently … Continue reading »

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Everything You’ve Always Wanted To Ask About Ramadhan (But Did Not Know How To Ask)

Most of the Muslim world starts fasting tomorrow (it varies due to moon sightings done in each country). Having been raised a Catholic, I can understand how non-Muslims are unsure how to interact with Muslim friends and colleagues for this entire month. So here are a few pointers: 1. Ramadhan (or Ramadan) is actually the … Continue reading »

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Snake Plants Are Dangerous For Cats!

You see this plant almost everywhere these days. It’s called the Snake Plant, also known as Sansevieria or, in Malaysia, Mother-in-law’s tongue (pokok lidah mentua – I know, it’s sad, right?). This plant has been hailed as an easy way to purify the air, hence the increase in demand to have these as indoor house … Continue reading »

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Mama, My Hero

My mother started teaching when she was barely 21 years old. When she discovered FaceBook, she managed to reconnect with many of her former students and many of them do not simply call her “Miss” or “Madam” but “Mama”. Yes, she has also become their second mother and I am proud they think of her … Continue reading »

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Interview with David Castro (Encore)

I recently caught up once again with Spanish musician-composer David Castro, who just released two new videos. The first video is an updated version of his now-viral Thermomix chime video, featuring Thermomix users from all over the world. The second video is a slick David Bowie “Space Oddity” tribute that he created with a bunch … Continue reading »

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