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“I think, therefore I am” and other philosophical musings

The Pursuit of Happiness

Rain on a Friday afternoon almost always guarantees traffic jams of massive proportions. Cars crawl excruciatingly through highways like turtles stuck in peanut butter. On the positive side, such moments allow my mind to wander and have the chance to think and reflect on. Thus, today’s reflection on man’s eternal pursuit of happiness was brought … Continue reading »

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For Nadine

Dearest Nadine, Today, as you fly off to start a new life at Chicago University, I’d like to send you off with three pieces of advice, even if you didn’t ask me for any. The first one is from my own experience: if it’s not illegal or immoral, give it a try at least once. … Continue reading »

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10 Lessons I Learned From Running

1. Never underestimate uncles and aunties! You just might end up eating their dust. They may be older, but they can outrun you and outdo you in terms of stamina and sheer staying power. 2. Be on time! If the flag-off time of a run — fun run or marathon (or anything in between) is … Continue reading »

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Nearing The Home Stretch

A new semester is about to begin. After all the blood, sweat and tears of four grueling semesters of part-time graduate school, I am left with two core subjects, one elective, and my final project (a thesis that will take up two whole semesters). The finish line actually feels very close at hand now. Fancy … Continue reading »

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What Do You See In The Mirror?

I often look at old people and wonder what kind of lives they led as young adults. I wonder what goes on in their minds when they look at other people, when they look at the world, when they look at celebrities doing stupid things and wasting away their young, rich, famous lives. Then I … Continue reading »

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