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What Do You See In The Mirror?

I often look at old people and wonder what kind of lives they led as young adults. I wonder what goes on in their minds when they look at other people, when they look at the world, when they look at celebrities doing stupid things and wasting away their young, rich, famous lives. Then I … Continue reading »

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Foot In Mouth Disease

I long have suffered what some smartaleck somewhere has coined “Foot In Mouth Disease” — the chronic propensity to saying the wrong things at the most inopportune of times. The name may sound funny but there’s nothing to laugh about the disease itself.   Time and again, it causes pain and/or severe embarrassment, leaves haunting regret … Continue reading »

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Barely Breathing…But Still Here

This blog’s been so utterly neglected lately that some sort of explanation is in order. So here’s the deal: I’ve gone back to school. Madness, right? As if my life weren’t complicated enough already! What with my juggling routine involving my six kids (don’t forget that the youngest is only 10 months old to date) … Continue reading »

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I Dream A Dream

I dream a dream of being a photographer. As in doing it professionally and doing it full-time instead of just indulging a ‘hobby’. Because, deep in my heart, I feel that I have been blessed with the ability to see things that few people see and make everyday things look extraordinary…even with ‘just’ a camera … Continue reading »

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Confession Time: All Boxed Up

I have a confession to make: I have this thing about boxes — I just can’t let go of them! The nicer the box is, the more difficult it is for me to let go of it. It has come to the point where, whenever I buy something and I’m given the choice whether to … Continue reading »

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