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Terminal 3, Jakarta Airport: A Breath of Fresh Air

If you are flying to/from Jakarta on budget airlines AirAsia, Tiger Air (operated in Indonesia by Mandala) and JetStar Airways, expect to arrive/depart from Terminal 3 of Cengkareng Airport. The relatively new complex is a breath of much-needed fresh air for harried passengers. Here is a view of the check-in counters. Go early to avoid the … Continue reading »

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Meditation Centre At Schiphol Airport

Schiphol remains one of my favourite airports for a variety of reasons. It is spacious and well-planned, offers free wifi access for an hour throughout the airport terminal, has excellent signage (including estimated walking time from one area to another), has lots of spaces for resting, has a free mini version of Rijksmuseum, and has … Continue reading »

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A Walk In The Jungle Inside An Airport

Despite having flown in and out of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at least once every month, I’ve never really had the time to check out KLIA’s Jungle Boardwalk until today. Right after getting off the aerotrain, you will see the huge information counter; the Jungle Board Walk is right behind it. The circular area … Continue reading »

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Quick Post: I ♥ Changi

What’s not to love about Changi Airport, Singapore? It ranks among my favourite airports, together with KLIA (what can I say? I’m biased!), Dubai Airport, and Schiphol (which I shall feature in detail very soon). What about you? Which international airports are your favourites?

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Ballet On The Tarmac

Ever thought about what happens the moment your plane touches down the runway and slowly taxis towards its designated gate? I’ve flown countless times and not once did it cross my mind, as I’ve always been more preoccupied with the thought of getting out of the aircraft the moment the doors are opened and getting … Continue reading »

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