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In Memoriam Raden Galoh

Excerpt from Running Mom’s blog:- “Blogger Raden Galoh, a breast cancer survivor and fighter, died this morning after losing a battle with breast cancer metastasis. Not every woman, not especially in this country, has the courage and empowerment to document every detail about a terminal illness such as breast cancer. She did, and educated many … Continue reading »

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Starting The Year Right

People greet the coming of the New Year in so many ways. Fireworks is one of them — probably inherited from the Chinese superstition that the noise will chase away evil spirits — but now practiced more because of their aesthetic value. Filipinos greet the New Year with some money in their pockets in the … Continue reading »

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When You Pray To God…

I found this very moving thought from, the blog of Raden Galoh, a Malaysian woman who writes about her struggles as she fights against The Big C. (Kak Raden, I hope you don’t mind my ‘borrowing’ it!) The original quotation in Malay reads:- Bila Tuhan segera makbulkan do’amu, itu tanda Dia kasihkan dirimu… Bila … Continue reading »

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