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Dieter’s Prayer

A long, long time ago, someone gave me a bookmark with a funny ‘prayer’ for dieters printed on it. Somehow it crossed my mind today, prompting me to Google it so that I can share it with you all. I found it — of all places! — at one of’s message boards. Dieter’s Prayer … Continue reading »

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Mission Update: A Plateau So Soon?

It’s been a month since I embarked on my mission. I’m way behind my initial target of 2 kg per week as I’ve only lost 2 kg so far. Despite what certain websites say, I do believe that losing weight is much harder as we start to (*gasp*) age. In my 20’s, I used to … Continue reading »

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10 Rules For The Dieter

When you are on a low-calorie diet: Rule #1: Eat your meals on time. Don’t skip meals. Rule #2: Eat plenty of vegetables and lean protein, minimise your carbs, and avoid processed foods. Rule #3: Drink plenty of water in between meals. Rule #4: If you MUST snack, have healthy snacks on hand — fresh … Continue reading »

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On A Mission

Today is the first day of yet another diet. I’d have to confess that I’ve let myself go lately. I’ve had far too many buffet dinners, high teas that involved lots of cakes and chocolate, midnight snacks, and lots of chocolate in between. The treadmill at home is now covered with a fine layer of … Continue reading »

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