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*Not* Your Average Family

Snippets of conversations with my children: Yesterday morning, in the car, on the way to the twins’ preschool. Me: ‘Niece’ is the daughter of your brother or sister. ‘Nephew’ is the son of your brother or sister. Do you know how to spell niece? (Silence) Me: It’s N-I-E-C-E. Twin1: (grinning impishly) Why isn’t it spelled … Continue reading »

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What Happens If I Miss The Bus?

I found this little gem on Businessweek’s website that really got me thinking: Risa Wexler, Media Director/Team Leader of Pfizer, working mom, wrote: I was racing around like a lunatic trying to get out of the house one morning saying, “I have to make the bus! I have to make the bus!” And my son … Continue reading »

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I Never Get Anything Done on Weekends

Weekends are supposed to be the time for working mums to catch up on the lost list of errands that accumulate during the week. But I never get anything done on weekends. Well…almost never. Saturdays for me typically start with a trip to Tesco Hypermarket. Why Tesco? Coz they open at 8 am, that’s why … Continue reading »

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