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Snakeskin Fruit

This is buah salak, scientifically known as salacca zalacca, or snakeskin fruit in English. It’s a fruit native to Malaysia and Indonesia, closely resembling the size and shape of a fig…but — as its name suggests — with a skin like that of a snake. Don’t be scared of its reptile-like outer covering. Just break … Continue reading »

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When I first came to Malaysia, I was introduced to a plethora of exotic new foods. One of them is the strange-looking fruit called pulasan (scientific name: Nephelium mutabile). From a distance, the fruit’s overall look reminds you of the rambutan but instead of being hairy, it’s kinda spongy and the colour is deeper, more … Continue reading »

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Harvest Time!

At long last, we are now enjoying the fruits of our little rambutan tree. The first harvest is nothing to shout about — just a measly 20 pieces or so — but the numbers don’t matter for now. What’s important is that the tree has started bearing fruit and that the fruits are sweet and … Continue reading »

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