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Tagged With: HTC Desire

Interlaken: A Teaser (Or Why I Need A Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S Nikkor Wide Angle Zoom Lens)

Pics that I’ve taken of Interlaken using my HTC Desire Android phone today.       A proper post with lots and lots of pics to follow soon. Watch out for it!

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The Video That Took On A Life Of Its Own

This video started as a simple requirement for a series of reviews of the HTC Desire that I did for Maxis Communications. Long after the review programme was over, the video just seemed to have taken a life of its own. First off, there was this tweet that popped out of nowhere on the 14th … Continue reading »

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Morning Drama

The sky was so dramatic this morning that I couldn’t resist taking a few shots using my HTC Desire. This photo was the best among the lot, unedited in any way other than addition of my site’s URL and resizing for the web (please click on the photo below to see a bigger version in … Continue reading »

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And The HTC Desire Goes To…

It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. There I was online Monday morning, holding my breath as I waited for the clock to strike 11 am, staring at the computer screen, refreshing my Twitter page every 10 seconds or so. Finally, the big moment came…and I stared in disbelief at Maxis’ … Continue reading »

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HTC Desire: The Verdict

Long before the term ‘smartphone’ was invented, I knew I needed one. I was always lugging around an organizer of some sort and I’ve always wished there was a faster, more efficient way of keeping track of my appointments, phone numbers, and other frequently used data. And I’ve always thought perhaps there was some way … Continue reading »

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