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Istanbul’s Yeni Camii (New Mosque)

Istanbul has always been described as the crossroads of the East and West. Walking around Istanbul is like stepping into old world Europe, complete with ancient Roman ruins, cobblestones, and crumbling stone edifices. The only difference is that, unlike in Europe, everywhere you turn in Istanbul, you’re bound to see the characteristic domes and minarets … Continue reading »

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Puasa Enam

Ramadhan is finally over so you amble towards your officemate’s desk and ask her out to lunch. She looks up at you and apologises, “Sorry, I puasa lah.” (I’m sorry, but I’m fasting.) What gives?! Ramadhan’s over. So why is she still fasting? It’s something that the Malays call puasa enam, i.e. fasting for six … Continue reading »

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Christian-Muslim Similarities

Foreword: I wrote the first draft of this post many months ago and have been editing and re-editing it several times. With the recent Norway shooting incident — in which fingers instantly pointed at ‘Muslim terrorists’ as the perpetrators, only to find out that it was a blonde Scandinavian afterall — now is a good … Continue reading »

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