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Disaster Strikes!

I left for Jakarta Monday night. And, upon landing in Cengkareng airport, the first SMS that I got was from Lola, who informed me that Twin1 got a nasty cut on his upper lip that required three stitches!!! Apparently, the twins were jumping on the bed, they bumped into each other and somehow Twin1 fell … Continue reading »

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Traveling with Kids

Perhaps you’re wondering what it’s like to travel with 5 kids. To put it mildly? STRESSFUL!!! The packing alone is daunting. I always try to minimize the amount of luggage that we have to take along but, at the same time, I learned the hard way from past trips that it’s safer to bring some … Continue reading »

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Morbid Thoughts

On a more sombre note, since I dropped off the twins to playschool this morning, I was running late for my 10.40 flight to Bangkok. I had everything planned this morning and actually had a lot of time to spare (the bigger kids were all in school before 8), except that we got sidetracked by … Continue reading »

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No More Tears

The twins achieved a major milestone today — they didn’t cry at all when I sent them to playschool this morning, on my way to the airport. Normally, they’d cry and scream and cling at whatever part of my (or DH‘s) clothing they can hold on to, something that they don’t do when other people … Continue reading »

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Ms. Valentine…and Some Thoughts on My ‘Real’ Age

Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s also the birthday of a good friend of mine, LittleMsFirefly. She was born on Valentine’s Day and, you guessed it, her middle name is Valentine. She and I go a looong way back — I used to draw clothes for her paper dolls — and now she’s all grown … Continue reading »

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