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Mama, My Hero

My mother started teaching when she was barely 21 years old. When she discovered FaceBook, she managed to reconnect with many of her former students and many of them do not simply call her “Miss” or “Madam” but “Mama”. Yes, she has also become their second mother and I am proud they think of her … Continue reading »

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Arrozcaldo: Filipino Chicken Porridge Recipe for the Thermomix

Growing up, one of my most cherished memories of my mother is how, whenever I’d get sick, she would always cook for me a Filipino dish called arrozcaldo. Multiple sources say this humble dish’s origins can be traced back to the Chinese even though its name is of Spanish origin, and it has many variations, … Continue reading »

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This morning, I stared at my mother’s hand as she was signing some papers. And it struck me how old she has become. With every passing year, she has grown older, as I have…yet just as I feel as though I haven’t aged at all, in my eyes and in my heart, neither has she. … Continue reading »

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Behind The Glamour

Behind all glamour and perks that come with being a career woman —  the overseas trips, the rental cars fitted with Garmin GPS, the dinner meetings in the poshest hotels, the company car with leather seats, the power suits,  the branded handbags…

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