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Dubai & Muscat In The Blink Of An Eye

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’d have already known about my whirlwind trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Muscat, Oman two weeks ago. It was one of my most hectic business trips so far. To give you an idea of how tiring it was, we flew from KL 10.30pm on Saturday, arrived … Continue reading »

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UK 3-Pin Plug in UAE & Oman

One nice thing about traveling to United Arab Emirates and Oman — they use the standard UK 3-pin plug that we use in Malaysia, thereby rendering a plug adaptor redundant. For someone like me who can’t live without my electronic gadgets, that’s one less thing to worry about packing in my bag! Just a quick … Continue reading »

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Henna On My Hand

This is what happens when you put off doing things — the files end up buried somewhere in your hard drive, almost 3 months later you unearth a photo that you really like and meant to blog about, so then you end up posting a late entry because you really like that pic. This was … Continue reading »

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Missing Omani Kebab

What is it with me and food from faraway places that I visit? I’ve been craving for Omani kebab lately like crazy. And it didn’t help when I browsed through the pics that I took in Oman and found this shot that I took of an old man selling kebab from the roadside, somewhere along … Continue reading »

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Omani Silver As Souvenirs

When in Oman and looking for some souvenirs, just rush to the nearest souk and buy yourself some Omani silver. The choices are bewildering, as everything is crammed side by side on walls and shelves, hanging from the low ceilings, mixed up nonchalantly in bins and barrels. The most obvious choice is the traditional curved … Continue reading »

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