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Tagged With: Photography

Makassar Sunset

Long weekend in Makassar with the family for the school holidays. The gorgeous colours of the sunset just took my breath away. Unedited pic from my Samsung Galaxy Note, except for the watermark.

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I hereby resolve… …to have more photos taken of me; …to have more photos taken of me with my family; …to have more photos taken of me with my friends. I shall strive harder… …to laugh with complete abandon; …to revel in the moment; …to smile genuinely at every camera lens turned towards my direction. … Continue reading »

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DSLR vs Point & Shoot (Nikon D40 & Pentax Optio WPi Shots Side-By-Side)

Before I got my Nikon D40, I was mainly using a Pentax Optio WPi point-and-shoot camera. I bought the Pentax because it’s waterproof and I figured that it would come in handy for trips to the beach and the pool. It is, indeed, waterproof but I wasn’t satisfied at all with the overall colours of … Continue reading »

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Bird In A Nest

Once in a while, I get lucky enough to find a subject like this baby bird, perched precariously on a nest that it has almost outgrown. The angle is a bit awkward because I didn’t have the time to go and look for a ladder — note that I took this photo on the morning … Continue reading »

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Rambutan Watch

This is a follow up to my previous post about the rambutan tree in front of our house. The flowers have now taken the more familiar ‘hairy’ form of the rambutan fruits, albeit still green. What a joy it would be to see the fruits slowly mature and ripen in the weeks to come!

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