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Tagged With: raising twins

Synchronised Running

I’ve been looking at this photo for days. Something about it was bugging me and I just couldn’t put my finger to it. But I mean that in a good way. Because I like the photo very much. Even though I can’t think of any photographic rule or guideline that would qualify it as a … Continue reading »

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Weddings. Who knew they can be so exhausting to attend? Especially when you have these two as companions… …who either tug on your skirt the whole time, run around — or hide under — the tables… or simply shoot off into the open field, with one twin going off in one direction, the other twin … Continue reading »

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My Toes, My Knees…

My twins, like all other children I know, love music, especially if they involve corresponding gestures and if they’re repetitive. During long road trips, I can actually entertain them by simply singing to — or with — them. I once sang to them for one hour straight! I sing to them nursery rhymes (‘Twinkle, twinkle … Continue reading »

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Batman & Spiderman

The other night, the twins were playing pretend. Twin2: ‘Bang, jom main Batman Spiderman. (Big Brother, come let’s play ‘Batman Spiderman’.) Twin1: Okay! They then turned away from each other (one of them even hiding behind the sofa), each pretending to put on what I assumed was their Batman and Spiderman costumes. They then faced … Continue reading »

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Who Owns Me?

I once asked someone what it’s like to grow up with a twin. He paused for a second, then answered point-blank, “Constant competition.” And boy! Is he right! You almost always find the twins bickering over something, usually involving ownership or the right to use something first. The fight can be over the smallest thing … Continue reading »

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