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Hotel Ambassador, Istanbul: Boutique Hotel With A Breathtaking View

For some reason or another, I’ve always prefer staying somewhere other than the usual international hotel chains. I throw caution to the winds and book a stay in a Swiss farmhouse near the French border or a boathouse that’s just a tram ride away from the centre of the endless party of Amsterdam. And if … Continue reading »

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The Hidden Beauty of Sheraton Bandara, Jakarta

Sheraton Bandara has always intrigued me from the first time I visited Jakarta. The hotel is just a stone’s throw from Jakarta’s Chengkareng Airport and when approaching the airport from Jakarta via the toll highway, it is inevitable to pass by this sprawling hotel. When I finally got the chance to stay there for a … Continue reading »

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Hali Hotel: Istanbul Hotel With A View?

Our trip to Istanbul was a last-minute decision of sorts, leaving me less than a week to find a hotel and actually secure rooms for our travel dates. For some reason, I had difficulty getting a room for five nights, so I ended up booking our last two nights at Ambassador Hotel (which I shall … Continue reading »

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Malaysia Airlines Redeems Itself

In a previous post, I talked about my disappointment over the snacks and service that I got during a long-haul flight with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) in June 2009. Even though MAS replied via Twitter that they have “forwarded the input their team and hope to continue improving”, I still had my reservations when I booked … Continue reading »

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HTC Desire: The Verdict

Long before the term ‘smartphone’ was invented, I knew I needed one. I was always lugging around an organizer of some sort and I’ve always wished there was a faster, more efficient way of keeping track of my appointments, phone numbers, and other frequently used data. And I’ve always thought perhaps there was some way … Continue reading »

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