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Day 4 of my 7-day quarantine and I woke up feeling grateful. I’m grateful to be on my way to recovery. I’m grateful for a loving family and caring friends. I’m grateful to be alive for just one more day.

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Quarantine, Day 2: Dizzy & Disoriented

Dizzy and disoriented. That just about sums up how I feel on the second day of my quarantine at home. My head feels like a rubber ball bobbing up and down wave after wave after wave, making it difficult for me to concentrate or read for long periods of time. Working on spreadsheets is out … Continue reading »

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The Days Flu By…

My last FaceBook status update on Thursday, 29th October, read: “Mimi feels that the flu is God’s most subtle but most effective reminder of how frail we are as humans. Not only is my nose blocked, my sense of taste is also hindered, and my left ear feels as though there’s some fluid stuck inside … Continue reading »

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Knocked Out

I had my Friday all mapped out yesterday. Send kids to school and the twins to playschool, drop by the bank at 9.30 a.m., meet with some guys from Hong Kong at 10.30 a.m., get insurance quotes settled, meet with some people from Ipoh at 3 pm. But what I didn’t count on was catching … Continue reading »

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