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Baby Language – 5 Words That Babies Use

I found this link through a friend in FaceBook and was just blown away. I’ve always thought the twins made up their own word ‘meh’ for milk; apparently, they were saying the universal word ‘neh’ in babies’ language. The 5 ‘words’ that babies 0-3 months old use: neh = hungry owh = sleepy/tired heh = … Continue reading »

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My Indispensable Travel Tool: Local Prepaid SIM Cards

The first thing I buy whenever I travel overseas is almost always a local prepaid SIM card. Whether it’s for a three-day or week-long trip, I find it worth the initial investment, which can be anywhere from less than a US Dollar to USD10. A prepaid card saves me from roaming charges which can end … Continue reading »

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What To Do When Your Flight Is Overbooked, Cancelled, Or Delayed

The problem with us, humans, is that we tend to think that those things we see on movies or read about in the newspapers will never happen to us. But they do. Oh yes, they do. Just like getting bumped off a flight when it’s overbooked (quite common in the United States, if I’m to … Continue reading »

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3 Things That Make Or Break A Photo

Time and again, I’ve heard people put the blame on the poor quality of their photos on their point-and-shoot cameras. Now don’t look at me and say, “Sure, easy for you to say. You’ve got yourself an expensive high-tech DSLR camera while I only have this ordinary point-and-shoot camera.” I can assure you that great … Continue reading »

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How To Survive Air Travel With Infants & Small Children

My children have been lucky enough to have started flying since they were very young. Thus, even though I’m not an expert on the subject, I have a number of tips to share with you that will help you survive that first flight — and other succeeding flights — with your little one. • Ear … Continue reading »

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