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Who’s Who

Mimi a.k.a. ‘Sleepless In KL’

Sleepless In KL‘ is a nick I thought up way back when I just gave birth to my twin boys and was obsessed with finding ways and means of getting more sleep. It was partly inspired by the movie title ‘Sleepless In Seattle’. Blogger by heart, photographer by ambition, linguist by aspiration, accidental traveler on occasion, I’ll always be, first and foremost, a mother. I was born and raised in the Philippines but moved to Malaysia in 1993 where I am now a permanent resident. I’m Mimi to friends and family, ‘Mama’ to the ones who matter the most.

DH is my long-suffering dear husband who has put up with all my mood swings and temperamental outbursts. He is my intellectual sparring partner, my personal Malay language instructor, and the loving father of my six children. He racks up more air miles than I do every year. I’ve always thought we’d make a great team for The Amazing Race or The Amazing Race Asia ;)

MyEldest is, as the name suggests, my eldest. He is turning 22 (!) in 2020 but in my heart, he will always be my baby boy.

OnlyGirl is my princess, the only rose among the thorns. She shares my fascination with art and languages, can now speak French, and has taught herself Japanese.

RoundBoy was round for most of his life, hence the weird nick. He is now taller than me and definitely no longer round…but I’m calling him RoundBoy all the same. He recently took French lessons, just so he could join in on my and OnlyGirl’s conversations.

Twin1 is the older of my identical twin boys and can be easily identified due to his invisible but almost permanent attachment to the home PC.

Twin2 is the younger twin, looking terribly alike his brother save for a little mole on his right cheek.

Lola is my mother and grandmother to my children. ‘Lola’ is the Filipino term for grandmother. Everyone calls her Lola. And by everyone, I mean everyone, including friends and neighbours!

Little Dragon (a.k.a. Peanut in certain posts) is the family addition that totally caught us by surprise when I was four-oh but warmly welcomed all the same. He’s the love of my life (sorry, DH!).

29 Responses to Who’s Who

  1. Chelo @ Home & Bahay

    Hi Mimi!!!
    My name is Chelo :) I came across your blog because I was looking for “Paa, Tuhod, Balikat, Ulo” instrumental music. I will be posting the rhyme next week. Anyway, I wanted to drop you a line and say “Oi, Kamusta!”.

  2. Mimi

    Hi Chelo, thanks for dropping by. Sorry I don’t have the instrumental music to “Paa, Tuhod…”. Ironically, my twins, now 5, had problems recalling some of the lyrics of the Tagalog version and I had to give them a refresher course!

  3. Lisa

    Hello, I came across your site because I was looking for swimming lessons. Just called Puan Zalina to sign up for her classes. Read some of your other posts too and I think they’re brilliant. Will be coming back to check often! =)

  4. Mimi

    Hi Lisa. Glad to know this post was of help to you. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I *love* hearing from ppl who stumble upon my little corner here :)

  5. alia

    hi mimi, accidentally across your blog while looking for pasta receipies.
    its so nice to read some of your post ~

  6. Mimi

    Hi Alia, hope you can drop by regularly :) Thanks for commenting!

  7. Wenny Yap

    Hi Mimi, like the others I too stumbled upon your blog looking for something … ideas for kids safety. For an instant I thought one of my friend named Mimi as well had started a blog and then your beautiful head pic of Lake Tekapo attract my fancy since I just came back from NZ. Just read your bio and love your interesting style. Btw, I’d love to have the same cake from Leapula too … at first glance I actually thought it was the real thing :)

  8. Mimi

    Hi Wenny! Glad you found me somehow. Hope to ‘see’ you around more often. Re: cake, too bad fondant tastes horrible heh :P

  9. Jenny

    Hi Mimi! I chanced upon your blog looking for stuff about Cold Storage, which led me to your Vanilla Bean story. I’m also a Filipina here in Malaysia (PJ) — a traveller at heart who goes where the wind takes her. :) Great blog you have here! Makes me proud as a Pinoy. Maybe you could also write about our country’s “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” tourism campaign which was just recently launched by the DOT. I honestly believe that Filipinos in foreign lands can do so much in telling the world what a great place the Philippines is. :)

  10. Sharina

    Hi Mimi,
    I stumble upon your blog when I was asking Yahoo search engine “can i purchase Saudi Arabia prepaid sim card in Malaysia”. I too have collected a number of prepaid sim cards from my travel, now even micro-sim card for my iPad. These are the first thing that I purchase too upon arrival at the airport. Thanks for dropping the tip about not purchasing Saudi sim card at the airport but at the small sundry shops instead. I looked up online and they are quite expensive.

    Youhave a nice blog. Keep on blogging.

  11. Ezanee

    Hi Mimi, nice to see a blog full of info and sincered life experience. btw let me introduce myself. my name is ezanee and im married to a filipino convert to muslim. we move here to kl in feb and since then my wife having trouble to bline and adjusted the life in kl. she is a full time housewives with 2 + 1 boys to maggle with. if its ok with u, hope to introduce my wife to u as u have good experience living in kl and can tip her bit and so. cheers.

  12. Hazairin

    haha hi, layan la baca blog puan. walaupun bahasa inggeris. hehe ini membantu saya juga,

    saya search UM medical center.

    teruskan menulis ya!

  13. Mimi

    Maaf ya…Klu saya kena tulis blog dlm BM, parah jugak. BM saya utk penggunaan harian jer hihi ;)

  14. sabaya

    hi mimi
    Interesting entries! Beautifully written to convey meanings. Btw we have something in common..i also have sleepless night bcoz my youngest ( my 3rd boy has just turned 6 month-old) keep on writing as i will drop by again..

  15. Maya

    Hi Mimi, i chanced uppn yr website while looking fr an outlet Yeshari halal food.yr link came up and clicked on it so i had to read more about the writer. thanks fr sharing. i am currently at Shanghai accompanying my husband, i have a son who is studying at Shanghai Singapore international sch. i am residing in Westwood Green Villa , Minhang District. i am a Singaporean and a Malay Muslim. So i have been looking for halal food joints as i will be staying here long…approximately 4 years. nice to know you via online hehe!! :)

  16. Sylwia

    Hi! I was looking for info about lockers in Amsterdam, that’s how I discovered your blog. I started to read and I must say that you are incredible! I love the way you write, and about what you write, your pics are gorgeous! Dispite the fact that we are so far from each other and our cultures are so different (I’m from Poland), I really liked you and I wish you and your family all the best in your lives.

  17. Mimi

    Sylwia: Fate brought you to my site somehow :) Thank you for the beautiful comment. Incidentally, I have written a short article for a Polish magazine about my motherhood-and-career juggling act -> Hope to ‘see’ you again soon ;)

  18. Sofia

    Hey Mimi, I am very much inspired by you about your family life. You must have a very happy lovely family with so many kids. How do you take care of them? Do you get help from your mom? I just have one kid so far, but I have already lost a lot of sleep. But thinking of having another one soon. But hubby is scared. :P

  19. Mimi

    Hi Sofia! It’s not without its challenges but the love and happiness more than makes up for it. My heart really swells when I see how the bigger ones interact with baby Peanut. But of course, they also drive me crazy when they fight over stuff like whose turn is it with the computer (kids will be kids!). It gets easier as they get bigger…and you get better at it, as well. I find that I’m more relaxed with my parenting now, allowing them leeway with the little things since I prefer to focus (read: be more strict) on the more important stuff. You can do it! Don’t worry.

  20. Sophia

    Hi, just bump into your page..while looking for pandora jewelry….Overall i wanted to say you have a very nice and simple blog.. Keep up the good job.

  21. Mimi

    sophia: glad to hear that i’m not writing for nothing ;)

  22. PJ

    hi mimi. i’m a new fan. came across your site while searching for the rest of “subtract 32 from degrees fahrenheit..” stay cool. ;)

  23. Mimi

    PJ: Your comment really made my day :) Salamat po!

  24. linda

    salam puan, saya memerlukan khidmat membaiki beg laggeg dr puan.huhu..roda patah..saya bru je beli beg nie.. tp sayang roda..air asia tk boleh dapat kan semula untuk saya..boleh dibaiki lagi tk yer..huhu..saya amat2 memerlukan nya…

  25. linda

    boleh terus emailkan dekat saya?

    thnks yer..

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  27. Emma

    Hi Mimi,

    I work for the website and recently included your blog in an article I wrote recommending expat blogs for our readers moving to or living in Malaysia (the article is online at—recommended-blogs/).

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    Kind regards,


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  28. Mimi

    Glad you find my blog useful, Emma! As for the “expat experience” thingie, thanks but no need lah ;)

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