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Who’s Who

Mimi a.k.a. ‘Sleepless In KL’

Sleepless In KL‘ is a nick I thought up way back when I just gave birth to my twin boys and was obsessed with finding ways and means of getting more sleep. It was partly inspired by the movie title ‘Sleepless In Seattle’. Blogger by heart, photographer by ambition, linguist by aspiration, accidental traveler on occasion, I’ll always be, first and foremost, a mother. I was born and raised in the Philippines but moved to Malaysia in 1993 where I am now a permanent resident. I’m Mimi to friends and family, ‘Mama’ to the ones who matter the most.

DH is my long-suffering dear husband who has put up with all my mood swings and temperamental outbursts. He is my intellectual sparring partner, my personal Malay language instructor, and the loving father of my six children. He racks up more air miles than I do every year. I’ve always thought we’d make a great team for The Amazing Race or The Amazing Race Asia ;)

MyEldest is, as the name suggests, my eldest. He is turning 22 (!) in 2020 but in my heart, he will always be my baby boy.

OnlyGirl is my princess, the only rose among the thorns. She shares my fascination with art and languages, can now speak French, and has taught herself Japanese.

RoundBoy was round for most of his life, hence the weird nick. He is now taller than me and definitely no longer round…but I’m calling him RoundBoy all the same. He recently took French lessons, just so he could join in on my and OnlyGirl’s conversations.

Twin1 is the older of my identical twin boys and can be easily identified due to his invisible but almost permanent attachment to the home PC.

Twin2 is the younger twin, looking terribly alike his brother save for a little mole on his right cheek.

Lola is my mother and grandmother to my children. ‘Lola’ is the Filipino term for grandmother. Everyone calls her Lola. And by everyone, I mean everyone, including friends and neighbours!

Little Dragon (a.k.a. Peanut in certain posts) is the family addition that totally caught us by surprise when I was four-oh but warmly welcomed all the same. He’s the love of my life (sorry, DH!).

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